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Dr. Carlos Wolf

Dr. Carlos Wolf, renowned surgeon with Miami Plastic Surgery®, is a well respected physician and community leader. With many appearances on south Florida television and radio shows, he, along with our other two surgeons, Drs. Michael Kelly and Brad Herman, were recently showcased in a groundbreaking series on The Learning Channel. body/WORK was filmed in an effort to showcase plastic surgery as well as the changes such a personal decision can bring. The motivation for Dr. Wolf, as well as our other two surgeons, was to provide a realistic look into this trend. The entire series can be seen on our site and we encourage anyone considering plastic surgery to view these episodes.

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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Mommy Make Over Surgery

One of the newer titles for an oft-requested procedure, the mommy make over surgery isn't reserved for new mothers. Instead, its name only suggests part of its attraction. The mommy make over surgery is generally defined in more technical terms as liposuction and/or a tummy tuck and breast lift. Many new mothers choose this after giving birth to go hand and hand with their commitment to regaining their pre-pregnancy figures coupled with a solid nutritional and exercise routine. These surgeries are becoming more popular with those who don't fall under the "new mommy" heading. Our Patient Care Coordinators can provide more information on this procedure during your consultation.

Dr. Brad Herman

Our resident author, Dr. Brad Herman, is known for his generous contributions to plastic surgery on babies born with complex facial deformities. His work with Operation Smile International is world-renowned. With his ground-breaking and innovative approaches to liposuction and reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries, he is indeed a trail blazer in the world of cosmetic surgery. A member of the Florida Medical Association and the Greater Miami Society of Plastic Surgery, just to name a few, Dr. Herman remains committed to his passions with Operation Smile and his patients here in the states. In fact, Dr. Herman performs many procedures for scar revision. Miami Plastic Surgery® was featured in a recent series for The Learning Channel. body/Work showcased Dr. Herman's tireless efforts dedicated to his craft. He, along with Dr. Kelly and Dr. Wolf, were followed in their day to day lives, as well as a look into the exhaustive efforts they make on a daily basis. The entire series can be seen on our site and we invite you to view these ten groundbreaking episodes.

Scar Revision in Miami

Scar revision is available to those who carry scars that can benefit from these procedures. Our dedicated and highly experienced surgeons can perform procedures that will eliminate or reduce the appearances of scars, regardless of their ages. Our Patient Care Coordinators can provide further information on this procedure during an in-depth consultation that will allow you to learn more about scar revision at Miami Plastic Surgery®.

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