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Dr. Michael Kelly

Dr. Michael Kelly, who for the past fifteen years has been named one of the Top Plastic Surgeons on local and national levels by such prestigious organizations as the "Consumer Research Council of America" and Miami Metro magazine, is a part of the dynamic team of surgeons at Miami Plastic Surgery®.

His impressive education includes a residency at the illustrious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at City Hospital in Nottingham, England as well as the University of Miami. He is one of Miami Plastic Surgery®'s most requested surgeons. His skills and level of expertise are exemplified with each of his successful surgeries and popularity among our patients. His bedside manner is a calming factor with his patients and his dedication to patient safety is unquestionably the finest in his field.

Dr. Kelly is not only admired by his patients, but by his peers in the medical community, earning him accolades from those in his shared profession.

Dr. Kelly's team of patient coordinators and other medical and administrative staff work in concert to ensure your experience at Miami Plastic Surgery® is as pleasant and stress free as possible. Dr. Michael Kelly is dedicated to his chosen profession and admired by those in medical circles. For all of those reasons, he is a great choice for you.

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Miami Laser Hair Removal

With the many advances in the field of plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures that are available in Miami, laser hair removal is the one that offers the most alternatives. Most popular is the Intense Pulsed Light Alternative. Achieved with concentrated pulses of light, the hair is loosened and the cells for responsible for new hair growth are disabled.

Ideal for underarms, upper lip and bikini lines, these procedures can be completed in less than an hour. Far more comfortable than electrolysis and waxing methods, this procedure is permanent too. For more information on Miami laser hair removal, continue browsing our website.

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