Dermapen Provides Targeted Treatment for These Skin Issues

Have over-the-counter treatments failed to improve your skin? Are you ready for a minimally-invasive skin treatment? Discover which skin issues are improved with the micro needling targeted dermapen Miami treatment by Miami Plastic Surgery.

Skin Issues Treated with Dermapen Treatment Miami

Do you have a variety of skin issues? The beauty of Dermapen in Miami is that it is a versatile cosmetic surgery device that can be used for any of the following skin issues: acne scars, breast augmentation scars, fine lines, hair loss, keloid scars, stretch marks, surgical scars or wrinkles. For example, you might have a variety of acne scar types: Ice Pick, Boxcar and Rolling. With Dermapen, we can adjust the depth settings to treat each. Treatment can impact the outer or inner skin layers based on these depth settings. We also have 5 x speed adjustment settings to choose from. If you want to treat different areas of your upper and lower eyes, lips or nose, then the Dermapen micro needling treatment is ideal.

How Does Dermapen Work?

Your body has some of the best healing properties imaginable. When part of your body sees its cells disturbed or damaged, it sends a message to your white blood cells to repair the area. For many people, the resulting scars are a bit unsightly. Dermapen Miami treatment gives your body another chance to heal the area. The fractional delivery of microneedles uses an automated stamp-like action to disturb the scar tissue. There are 12 x needles in every Dermapen oscillating tip; these are arranged in a circular pattern. This skin penetration creates small, micro-skin channels to encourage the production of new collagen. Collagen is the foundation of healthy skin.

How Does Dermapen Compare?

Millions receive the Dermapen micro needling treatment each year. As opposed to do-it-yourself (DIY) pens, the Dermapen uses patented SureSpace and SafLok technologies. Its individually-sealed, disposable cartridges minimize the risk of contamination. Our cosmetic surgeons know the best methods for handling different skin issues. We can use this versatile Dermapen micro-needling treatment to handle a number of maladies. Our Dermapen treatment in Miami is similar to laser treatments, but with a shorter recovery time. The best Dermapen treatment in Miami is more sterile than microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Dermapen has been featured on ABC, CNN and Fox News. If you want to correct any nagging skin issues, Dermapen might be effective. Contact us to schedule your Dermapen micro needling treatment consultation today.