Laser Hair Removal – the Most Effective Route to Smooth, Silky Skin

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Laser hair removal is a noninvasive and suitable technique to permanently reduce or remove the unwanted body or facial hair using light energy. It leaves your skin looking silkier and smoother than razors, waxing, or electrolysis can do, and it can treat larger areas efficiently with minimal discomfort and no downtime. It can be used on your chest, back, bikini line, or legs, as well as on facial areas such as lips or eyebrows, and you can access these laser hair removal in Miami services at Miami Plastic Surgery.

When Should You Consider Laser Hair Removal in Miami?

You may consider having a laser hair removal if:

  • You want an alternative to shaving, bleaching, electrolysis, or waxing
  • You have light skin and dark hair
  • You have unwanted body or facial hair that hampers your ability to wear certain clothing or that makes you feel self-conscious

Suitable Candidates for Laser Hair Removal in Miami

You are a good candidate for LHR if you:

  • Are in good physical health
  • Are in a stable psychological condition
  • Have not had a recent tan
  • Are light skinned with dark hair
  • Don’t have red or blonde hair
  • Have coarse hair
  • Have realistic expectations of the outcomes of the procedure
  • Are well informed about this procedure
  • Are willing to commit your time to the process

These are only part of the criteria that your laser hair removal Miami specialist will consider to determine whether this procedure is appropriate for you.

The Laser Hair Removal in Miami Procedure

Usually, an LHR treatment lasts about 15-30 minutes. Before the procedure, your doctor will place protective eye shields over your eyes to avert injury to your retinas and corneas. He or she will then trim the hair to be treated to a few millimeters above the surface of the skin. The doctor will then use a special cooling device or cold gel to protect the outer layers of your skin. This will also enhance the treatment by facilitating the penetration of the laser beams through your skin.
Most hair removal lasers use a low-energy laser light that your surgeon will adjust to the color of your skin and the location, color, and thickness of the hair that is to be removed. The doctor will then do a test by directing a laser beam to the treatment area. The beam will pass through your skin, and it will be absorbed by the pigment of some of the active-growth hair follicles. The doctor will then observe the area to ensure the calibration is correct and that there are no adverse effects to the treatment.
If the test is successful, the surgeon will then direct a mild laser beam to every spot in the area to be treated. This will permanently and instantly disable the active-growth hair follicles, and the dormant areas will not be affected.
After the treatment, your doctor will give you anti-inflammatory lotions or creams, cold water, or ice packs to eliminate any discomfort. For optimal results, multiple treatment sessions are required, often three to eight at four to eight-week intervals. Usually, you may return to your normal routine immediately after treatment.
The LHR procedure is a fast procedure with minimal pain and no downtime. If you want to know whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, consult a board-certified Miami Laser Hair Removal specialist.