What Happens During Laser Hair Removal?

				 Laser Hair Removal

Some people just have more body hair than others. This can be attributed to heredity, health and other factors. These individuals often get tired and aggravated with other home hair removal methods. Shaving needs done frequently to keep the hair away, and this method makes ingrown hairs a common complication that can cause discomfort and unwanted skin issues like rashes, redness, itchiness or infections. Waxing can also be uncomfortable to do, and this hair removal method is not permanent. Chemical solutions to remove hair are often too harsh for sensitive skin, can cause bad reactions and are not a choice for certain body areas. Contact Miami Plastic Surgery for your laser hair removal consultation today.

What Exactly Happens During Laser Hair Removal?

The new lasers used for hair removal by leading plastic surgery centers today are much gentler and offer more comfort features and less adverse reactions. Basically, the surgeon aims the laser tip towards a group of hair follicles. An intense pulsating beam is emitted from the laser that utilizes heat energy to weaken and destroy those underlying hair follicles. Many plastic surgeons have access to a brand new laser that combines the gentleness of one laser type with another. The results are beautiful, long lasting and eventually permanent. The GentleMAX laser is one such combo laser being used in many locations today. This laser system is much faster than older models. One other additional benefit of this piece of equipment is that individuals with darker skin tones can also take advantage of the laser hair removal process without suffering from bad skin reactions that other lasers are prone to cause. This procedure is comfortable to most patients, and an added cooling burst technology helps to keep the treated skin area cooler with less patient discomfort reported. A local anesthetic can be used as well.

Are There Any Before or After Laser Hair Removal Requirements?

All before and after laser treatments for hair removal requirements will be explained at each patient's first consultation appointment. Patients will need to avoid waxing, plucking and other electrolysis treatments for at least 6 weeks beforehand, and patients should avoid tanning beds or sun exposure for 2 weeks before and following each session.

Where Do I Go for Fast and Professional Laser Hair Removal in the Miami Area?

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