What Kinds of Hair Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

What are the different types of hair? Are there any limitations to laser removal techniques? What kinds of hair can be treated with laser hair removal in Miami at Miami Plastic Surgery?

Hair Color

While technically, all of your hair is still in the same hair category, its characteristics might be drastically different. Some hair is curly, some is straight. Some is light, some is dark. Some is short and some is long. Each hair trait has an important function to perform. Can laser techniques be effective on all hair types? Amongst all of the characteristics, hair color is one of the most important factors for laser removal. Why? The laser technology targets the melanin pigment in your hair. Melanin is what makes your hair follicle darker. Dark hair has more melanin in it. Light hair has less melanin in it. Therefore, laser removal is most effective with dark hair. Gray, blonde and red hair treatments are usually not as effective.

Skin Types

Miami has a diverse population. Skin characteristics might vary dramatically. It might be racial or ethnic, but it need not be. It could be simply a question of light skin versus dark skin. Certain hair colors tend to be associated with certain skin types. Can laser hair removal in Miami work for any skin type? The laser technology is not really focused on the skin types. Instead, it is focused on the color of your hair. As mentioned earlier, the melanin pigmentation of your hair can determine the effectiveness of your laser hair treatment. There are a variety of FDA-cleared lasers that can be used. Typically, these are separated into ones that work better for light or dark hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Miami

What do you want to accomplish with laser hair removal in Miami? Do you have blonde, red, gray, brown or black hair? Have you ever had the laser treatment done before? We provide you with an honest appraisal of the efficacy of various beauty procedures. We want you to achieve the best results for cosmetic surgery in Miami. Our trained medical practitioners are committed to giving you the best care. You can discuss your hair removal goals with us during your consultation. Simply, schedule a beauty consultation today. We can help you look great in that bikini when you hit a Miami beach.