Learning More About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been in the experimental stage for approximately twenty years. It came in the commercial limelight in the mid-1990s. Currently, the technique has become widespread in many clinics. Others even do it at home using specially designed devices.

How Long Has Laser Hair Removal Been Around?

Long time ago, people removed hair from their bodies for the purposes of cleanliness and fashion. It was a sign of class in the society. In the olden days, the Egyptians used waxing and shaving to do away with the unwanted hair. Waxing involved the use of caramelized sugar. A precursor was used for shaving. An MIT graduate by the name Rox Anderson ascertained that it was possible for one to select a specific chromosome so as to do away with the hair for a long time. His new discovery was deemed to be successful and was put into action in the year 1996. This method of hair removal was approved and adopted by the U.S food and Drug Administration. With the growth of modern technology, the use of Laser technique has become widespread as people have discovered that it is an effective removal of unwanted hair for a long period. Laser hair has a preferred method of hair removal due to it speed and effectiveness.

What Are the Types of Laser Hair Removal?

There are different types of hair removal using the laser technique. These Laser are categorized by their wavelength (measured in nanometers- nm) and the laser used. Examples include Argon laser that uses 488 nm/514.5nm(no longer in use) .Ruby Laser 694.3nm for pale skin, Alexandrite laser 755 nm for all types of skin, pulsed diode array 810 nm for pale to medium skins and Nd.YAG 1064 for darker complexion. In a nutshell, this hair removal technique is suitable for all types of skins. Hair is known to grow in several phases namely anagen, catagen and telogen. The laser light can only work on the currently growing hair follicles thus a need for several sessions to completely destroy the hair growth in all the above phases. Manufacturers of the laser hair removal devices and clinicians advocate for a period of three to eight weeks in between the sessions. This is solely dependent on the area that is being treated. The number of sessions are dependent on certain parameters like sex, race and skin color.

Laser Hair Removal Providers

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