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From the producers of the Emmy-award winning medical series TRAUMA:LIFE IN THE ER comes body\WORK, a 10-episode television series that presents a compelling look at the real lives of patients and doctors in a field of medicine like no other.

Body\WORK debunks the stereotypes and negative connotations that are sometimes associated with plastic surgery and provides insight into the patient’s decision-making process. At the core of the series are personal stories that do not exploit, but dignify, the patients’ journeys. Those journeys begin with the consultation and continue through planning, procedure, recovery and transition back to regular life.

Body\WORK follows Miami Plastic Surgery® Drs Brad Herman, Michael Kelly and Carlos Wolf whose day-to-day work life requires them to be equal parts artist, surgeon, psychiatrist and CEO. Plastic surgery is one of the most grueling medical specialties and surgeons train for almost a decade before they can practice their profession. The series profiles every aspect of their lives – from personal relationships and patient struggles, to their often fiery interactions with their colleagues to their displays of surgical finesse in the face of adversity.

Body Work - Miami Plastic Surgery

Production: New York Times Television for TLC
Executive Producer: Julian Hobbs
TLC Executive Producer: Matthew Gould

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