Episode 3: Are You For Real

///Episode 3: Are You For Real
Episode 3: Are You For Real2018-11-06T23:50:03-04:00

BodyWork Episode 3: Are You For Real

In the third episode, Georgina comes in to Dr. Kelly’s office to have breast reduction surgery. She is tired of not being able to wear the clothes she likes, but most of all, she is exhausted from the back pain they cause. Meanwhile, 26-year-old Kathy visits Dr. Wolf to have her nose fixed. Another patient, Elizabeth, visits Dr. Herman’s office to have Botox done around her eyes and loves the results.

At the end, patient Laura comes in to Dr. Wolf’s office to have lip revision surgery. She had lip surgery done by a non-physician specialist and now she needs corrective surgery. Dr. Wolf warns that one of the greatest dangers of plastic surgery today is that many patients are willing to take inappropriate risks, with non-physician practitioners and unproven techniques, to get a look they want for less.

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