Episode 4: Pray For My Nose

///Episode 4: Pray For My Nose
Episode 4: Pray For My Nose2018-11-06T23:50:03-04:00

BodyWork Episode 4: Pray For My Nose

In the fourth episode Rosa, who is about to turn 50, goes to see Dr. Wolf about facelift surgery, along with chin and eye enhancements. Also, 18-year-old Cecilia is not fond of her nose, and she comes to see Dr. Wolf for nose surgery. Meanwhile, model Nicole needs breast implants. Last year she had a car collision that destroyed the shape of her left breast, and she looks to Dr. Kelly and his team to help rebuild her breasts and alleviate her pain. It is also Dr. Herman’s birthday, and his surgical tech, Janette, plans a surprise party for him at work. After an ear surgery, Janette develops a little disfiguration in her ear and Dr. Herman performs surgery to remove excess cartilage from her ear.

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