Three years ago I made a decision that I would have a neck lift. Every time that I looked into the mirror I would just zoom in on my neck and jaws and pull to see how I would look different. Oh how time can be cruel. But I found the “fountain of youth” and it all began with a visit to Miami Plastic Surgery. Everyone was so friendly, professional, and yes very wonderful. I felt so at ease and looked forward to my next visit. When I finally made that decision and scheduled the surgery date, I still gave myself 3 months before I would actually have it done. Wow, why did I wait so long, we all have fears and especially when we still want to look the same just a little tweaking here and there? For those that are reading this please understand that I never give testimonials, but I needed to share with anyone that is thinking of this procedure, but is not sure or afraid of the results. I still look like me!

It’s not every day one can wake up from a 3- 4 hour surgery to find their head wrapped up, be a little dazed, yet feeling good and ready to go home and rest. Just one day post surgery, I returned to see Dr. Wolf to replace the bandages sneaked a glimpse in the mirror and already I was so pleased at what I saw. Dreams do come true! After a short 3 days I was ready to drive and felt very good. I was so happy that I was able to sleep without any pain medication. Probably the only discomfort was sleeping on my back because of so many years sleeping either on my side or stomach. So sleeping on my back was a test to see if I could continue and preserve the “new” face that I was seeing in the mirror. Therefore, it’s possible to go back in time and regain the fountain of youth. So if anyone has thought about having plastic surgery, specifically face and neck, or contemplated and maybe even postponed the thoughts many times of having plastic surgery, please allow me to say that it was a pleasant experience and I owe this all to Dr. Carlos Wolf and his wonderful and very patient staff at Miami Plastic Surgery. They were all very patient with my questions, because anyone that knows me, they know that I can always think of one more question. LOL! My bruises lasted a very short time, I would say one week, and if you follow the directions of Ellen Frank, you will see that the bruises disappear so quickly. The recovery is quick and yes painless.

My mom is my toughest critic and she said I look absolutely wonderful. Oh and may I add that my Mom is 83 and is thinking of having an eye lift and would only have it done at Miami Plastic Surgery with Dr. Wolf. I want to thank Dr. Wolf for his patience and understanding he is truly a wonderful and amazing M.D. and he gets an A+

I have to add that I mentioned Dr. Wolfs name and received such positive feedback. He is so well known and has an excellent reputation. I am so happy that I made the decision.

Thank you again Dr. Carlos Wolf and all the staff at Miami Plastic Surgery.


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