S. F.


Ever since I was eleven years old I developed rapidly and as a result of this my breasts have always been too big for my body. By the time I was eighteen years old I decided to undergo Breast Reduction surgery with a breast lift.

Setting out to find a Plastic Surgeon for a Facelift was an enlightening experience. When I heard about Dr. Wolf and then spoke to people who knew him, I was convinced he was the one to see!

The interview process was conducted by a number of kind, professional and understanding people on Dr. Wolf’s staff. They guided me to my first meeting/interview with Dr. Wolf.

His experienced manner, combined with giving me an honest assessment of the outcome I could expect immediately made me feel at-ease. After meeting his surgical staff on the day of my procedure, it was very clear to me that I was in excellent hands.

The best experience for me was the post-surgery care Dr. Wolf provides his patients. I experienced little to no post-op pain. I was also encouraged to call or make follow-up visits whenever I felt I needed to be seen by Dr. Wolf. At five months following surgery, I am feeling fine and all of my expectations have been met.

Dr. Wolf and his staff have made this entire experience very easy. One of my friends has already seen Dr. Wolf after following my progress and results over the past five months. My experience has been and still is a very happy one.

- S. F.

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