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Get Ready Now for Beach Season Later

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A Miami winter isn’t exactly comparable to one in Erie, Pennsylvania or Cleveland, Ohio, but it’s not like we’re all running out to head to Key Biscayne or South Beach either. That means this is the perfect time to work on your body to be ready for next spring and summer’s beach season. At Miami …

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Contouring Methods Will Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

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Women are excited about the various effective contouring methods used at Miami Plastic Surgery that promises incredible results in just 4 weeks or more. CoolSculpting is FDA approved, quick, non-invasive and delivers sensational results. Moms often complain of stubborn fat bulges in their abdomen, hips, face and buttocks areas among other regions. Respected plastic surgeon …

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What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is something women should consider after seeing what pregnancy can do to the body. Plastic surgeon consultation in Miami, and simple surgical procedures are effective in restoring a youthful look to skin. When a woman decides to experience pregnancy, she is not only choosing to partake in one of the most unique …

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Mommy Makeover Procedure in Miami

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After pregnancy, women realize that their bodies have undergone dramatic changes. The mommy makeover procedure is specially designed to address these changes to help mothers regain the bodies they want. A mommy makeover procedure is a tailored combination of techniques. These techniques address common changes that occur due to pregnancy. For example, women typically experience …

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Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Procedure

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Mothers and their bodies are nothing short of a miracle. During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes the body undergoes. Sometimes, after pregnancy, these changes linger in unwanted ways. For these issues, there are mommy makeovers. Mommy makeovers are sets of cosmetic procedures designed to address the bodily changes that occur as a result …

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