29 11, 2018

Who needs revision rhinoplasty?

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Individuals elect to have a second nose job for a number of different reasons. A patient who is not fully satisfied with their nose surgery can opt to have it revised with revision rhinoplasty at Miami Plastic Surgery. There are some things to consider before scheduling your second surgery that

24 05, 2018

What Is Revision Rhinoplasty and Is it the Treatment for You?

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Are you in need of a revision rhinoplasty Miami procedure? The time to get your revision rhinoplasty in Miami is now. If you are experiencing difficulty with breathing after your previous surgery, you can get the help you need. There may be other complications following your surgery that serve as

26 04, 2018

How Surgeons Design and Create Your Perfect Nose

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Are you interested in getting a nose surgery Miami FL procedure? If so, it pays to first learn everything you can about rhinoplasty. You may have aesthetic or medical reasons for desiring this procedure. Regardless of what your specific reason may be, you should know that our team of top

28 11, 2017

Breathe Better With Expert Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Does your spouse complain about your incessant snoring? Are you having issues with lack of oxygen? Are you worried about the possible effects of severe sleep apnea caused by not getting enough air? If you are having any kind of trouble breathing, the problem may lie with the nose on

24 07, 2017

What Are the Different Rhinoplasty Miami Procedures?

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How many celebrities have had nose jobs? This is one of the 5 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Learn about the top 3 types of rhinoplasty Miami surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty Miami Reduction A large, protruding, bulbous nose might make you feel like Pinocchio. You might feel that instead of people

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