Miami Plastic Surgery Study Series

Clinical Studies in Miami, South Miami & Coral Gables, FL

At Miami Plastic Surgery and MPS Med Spa we strive to provide the highest quality personal service using only proven techniques, with a commitment to safety as our ultimate priority. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on medical research that turns medical advancements into practical use. Our studies will range in nature from non-invasive to surgical treatments/procedures, and researching the efficacy of new devices as well as the effectiveness of new techniques using commonly used devices.

J-Plasma® System by Bovie

We are pleased to announce our participation as Principal Investigator in an investigational clinical study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the J-Plasma® system in reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Interested in participating?
For more information or to determine your eligibility for participation, please contact Carolyn Presby, PA-C via phone at 305.595.2969 or via e-mail at

*Study participation is limited in number and to those interested persons that meet all criteria to be included in the study. Financial compensation may be provided to participants who successfully complete study requirements.