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I had a cheek and neck lift done by Dr. Wolf and I could not be any happier. The second that I met Dr. Wolf, and spoke to him, I knew that he was the right doctor for me. He answered all of my questions, and took the time to explain the procedure step by step including what to expect following surgery. He has so much knowledge and experience in plastic surgery, and made sure that I fully understood the entire process and what exactly to expect before, during, and after. I booked my surgery at my first consultation, and come surgery day I felt completely at ease in his surgical hands.

I experienced very little pain following my surgery and the results look so natural. When I ask my close friends if they notice a difference on my face, all they can say is how refreshed I look. My neck used to bother me the most, as it aged me. I am a woman who works out every day and I consider myself to look younger than most women my age, but my neck was very loose and seemed to sag quite a bit. Now, it looks amazing, and I could not be any happier! Dr. Wolf and everyone in his office are very professional and they make you feel like family, especially Dr. Wolf.

- T.M.


I am A LOT more confident now about my appearance after choosing Dr. Wolf as my surgeon. I am a very nervous person when it comes to change in general, choosing a surgeon o fix my nose was undoubtedly one of the bigger decisions of change I would ever have to make. I never thought my nose was hideous, but I often found myself hiding from cameras because there was something about my nose that didn’t look feminine.

From the moment I met Dr. Wolf he made me feel at ease, as though I were a part of his family. When it came time to choose my surgeon, it was a no brainer, Dr. Wolf was the only way to go! He had taken the time and care to answer every single question I had come up with and reassured me of exactly what to expect on surgery day and what would follow. I was scared of the change, but after my surgery I still looked like myself, just a whole lot prettier, it was exactly what Dr. Wolf had promised. No one noticed the difference in my nose, but they did see me prettier, which is exactly what I wanted!!

I love my new nose, it’s much softer and more feminine than before, and extremely subtle at the same time. Dr. Wolf not only gave me exactly what he promised, but made me feel at ease from the moment I met him.

- M.R.


There is a great deal of trust that a patient needs in his/her doctor, and Dr. Wolf earned my trust within the first minute of meeting him. Dr. Wolf was extremely honest when discussing his thoughts about the size and shape of nose he thought would best to fit my face. His vision of keeping my look natural as opposed to more made-up is truly what sets him apart from the rest.

The amount of warmth, compassion, respect, and attention he showed me throughout my consultations, operation, and follow-ups was unfaltering and genuine. He treated me like family instead of a number or paycheck.

Additionally, all of his staff were incredible. Everyone made me feel welcomed and comfortable which made the office environment much more familiar and calming. Dr. Wolf’s Patient Care Coordinator, Ellen Frank, was truly exceptional. A doctor is only as good as the assistance and support he receives from his staff, and Ellen has, by far, proven this true. She was another reason why I stayed with Dr. Wolf.

The amount of joy, confidence, and freedom I now feel makes me forever grateful for him. My results are exactly what I expected, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new and improved look.

- A.RF.


After giving birth to my triplets, I was desperate to reclaim all aspects of myself.

My experience with Dr. Michael Kelly and his entire staff has been remarkable! From my very first consultation visit through my last follow-up I was treated wonderfully! Everyone was extremely professional and genuinely concerned for my well-being. My Tummy Tuck surgery was a total success and I know it is because of all of their dedication. Dr. Michael Kelly was my first choice and the only doctor I would ever recommend!!!

Thank you for everything,

- K.C.


Three years ago I made a decision that I would have a neck lift. Every time that I looked into the mirror I would just zoom in on my neck and jaws and pull to see how I would look different. Oh how time can be cruel. But I found the “fountain of youth” and it all began with a visit to Miami Plastic Surgery. Everyone was so friendly, professional, and yes very wonderful. I felt so at ease and looked forward to my next visit. When I finally made that decision and scheduled the surgery date, I still gave myself 3 months before I would actually have it done. Wow, why did I wait so long, we all have fears and especially when we still want to look the same just a little tweaking here and there? For those that are reading this please understand that I never give testimonials, but I needed to share with anyone that is thinking of this procedure, but is not sure or afraid of the results. I still look like me!

It’s not every day one can wake up from a 3- 4 hour surgery to find their head wrapped up, be a little dazed, yet feeling good and ready to go home and rest. Just one day post surgery, I returned to see Dr. Wolf to replace the bandages sneaked a glimpse in the mirror and already I was so pleased at what I saw. Dreams do come true! After a short 3 days I was ready to drive and felt very good. I was so happy that I was able to sleep without any pain medication. Probably the only discomfort was sleeping on my back because of so many years sleeping either on my side or stomach. So sleeping on my back was a test to see if I could continue and preserve the “new” face that I was seeing in the mirror. Therefore, it’s possible to go back in time and regain the fountain of youth. So if anyone has thought about having plastic surgery, specifically face and neck, or contemplated and maybe even postponed the thoughts many times of having plastic surgery, please allow me to say that it was a pleasant experience and I owe this all to Dr. Carlos Wolf and his wonderful and very patient staff at Miami Plastic Surgery. They were all very patient with my questions, because anyone that knows me, they know that I can always think of one more question. LOL! My bruises lasted a very short time, I would say one week, and if you follow the directions of Ellen Frank, you will see that the bruises disappear so quickly. The recovery is quick and yes painless.

My mom is my toughest critic and she said I look absolutely wonderful. Oh and may I add that my Mom is 83 and is thinking of having an eye lift and would only have it done at Miami Plastic Surgery with Dr. Wolf. I want to thank Dr. Wolf for his patience and understanding he is truly a wonderful and amazing M.D. and he gets an A+

I have to add that I mentioned Dr. Wolfs name and received such positive feedback. He is so well known and has an excellent reputation. I am so happy that I made the decision.

Thank you again Dr. Carlos Wolf and all the staff at Miami Plastic Surgery.



The best part: my results exceeded my expectations!

I would like to thank you and your staff for your wonderful care and treatment. Everyone from Lorraine, who first greeted me, to the nurse who took care of me post-op was professional and caring.

Dr. Carlos Wolf, you came highly recommended by quite a few people. I was not disappointed. Not only did you do a great job, but the way you are with patients and how your office runs are quite extraordinary!

Even when you had another surgery scheduled, when you realized I had not seen any computerized projections you showed them to me without making me feel rushed. I appreciate that kind of care.

Ellen, you are a treasure! Before I became a full-time professor at Miami – Dade I was in administration and I know firsthand how hard it is to juggle all the demands of your position. You do it with patience, aplomb, and competence. Furthermore, you, too, make each patient feel he or she has your undivided attention.

I appreciate that you contacted me quickly after my first appointment and that you identified a surgery date that worked with my schedule and as well with my insurance deadlines. You never made me feel silly for asking a question. I thank you for that. I’ve had virtually no surgery before this one and you made my experience so much easier.

Carlos, I must share a conversation I had with my friend a few days ago. When I told her that I chose you as my surgeon she responded regarding what a fine reputation you have! She then shared with me that about five years ago her medical records were inadvertently sent to your office in error. She called your office and spoke with Ellen. My friend described how kind and professional Ellen was on the phone and remarked to me if she ever needed a Plastic Surgeon she would choose you ever more-so because of how Ellen handled that phone conversation!

We are fortunate to have such competent, caring professionals in our community!

- J.E.


Ever since I was eleven years old I developed rapidly and as a result of this my breasts have always been too big for my body. By the time I was eighteen years old I decided to undergo Breast Reduction surgery with a breast lift.

Setting out to find a Plastic Surgeon for a Facelift was an enlightening experience. When I heard about Dr. Wolf and then spoke to people who knew him, I was convinced he was the one to see!

The interview process was conducted by a number of kind, professional and understanding people on Dr. Wolf’s staff. They guided me to my first meeting/interview with Dr. Wolf.

His experienced manner, combined with giving me an honest assessment of the outcome I could expect immediately made me feel at-ease. After meeting his surgical staff on the day of my procedure, it was very clear to me that I was in excellent hands.

The best experience for me was the post-surgery care Dr. Wolf provides his patients. I experienced little to no post-op pain. I was also encouraged to call or make follow-up visits whenever I felt I needed to be seen by Dr. Wolf. At five months following surgery, I am feeling fine and all of my expectations have been met.

Dr. Wolf and his staff have made this entire experience very easy. One of my friends has already seen Dr. Wolf after following my progress and results over the past five months. My experience has been and still is a very happy one.

- S. F.


I thought it was about-time I put my thoughts on paper and let you know I appreciate the excellent care and results I have received from your services throughout these past years.

Dr. Wolf, first and foremost, any procedure I have received from you personally has been of the highest quality and I have received numerous compliments from not only the members of my immediate family, but from friends and acquaintances as well. After my painless facelift, the question usually came in the form of, “you look wonderful, what have you been doing?” Since I am not one who hides my updated procedures, I tell them about you and what you had recommended for me and they see the final results. Then came the best statement: “you look younger, but also very natural!” Dr. Wolf, if I did not have the utmost faith in your techniques and surgical abilities, I would not have recommended my immediate family members and dearest friends seek your services and advice, like I have done.

In addition, your office personnel, especially Ellen Frank, have always been most professional. I have called Ellen on occasion and she has always going out of her way to accommodate my special requests to either assist me or anyone I have referred to your office.

I have also had appointments with your Aesthetician Shirley Sessler (Thermage, and facial, vein, and sunspot removals). I can say that not only have I been pleased with her services, but others I have referred to her have thanked me personally.

I thank you all for not only providing me the highest quality services but also for caring about me.

- E.R.


Anyone considering plastic surgery should know about Dr. Michael Kelly and his staff. I recently underwent Breast Augmentation and if I had to, would do it again and again, but only with Dr. Kelly. Having never had surgery before, it meant so much to me to have been introduced to such a kind and loving individual. Not only does Dr. Kelly possess top credentials, but he also has, by far, the best bedside manners. With Dr. Kelly, you feel that he’s known you forever and cares so much about you. He was kind, concerned and loving from day one. His staff was exceptional — providing caring and outstanding service. From my first visit, through the day of surgery and after, what a joy and delight to have had my care in the hands of Dr. Kelly and his staff. Needless to say, my breasts look amazing! My husband has been thrilled with the results and he too was so thankful for the care given to me by Dr. Kelly and his staff. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever thankful!



- M.C.


Excellence, beginning with their staff, their state-of-the-art operating rooms, and their doctor’s commitment to quality and their patients is what you will experience at Miami plastic surgery®! I knew I had made the right choice after seeing my results, but I was surprised at their personal attention and the relationship dr. kelly develops with his patients. all of my friends are now patients and are very pleased with my recommendation. even more-so with their amazing results!
you are all amazing, excellent good friends and most of all you are always there when needed. I have never received a “no” from any of you. I love you all and you will always be a part of my life!
Un beso,

- L.


I am fair-skinned and as I got older my hands developed unsightly brown spots. Dr. Wolf recommended IPL treatment, which is a laser treatment that specifically targets and lightens the spots. Shirley Sessler, the Aesthetician, performed the procedure and was very informative as to what to expect from the treatment and with regards to follow-up care. There was very little discomfort during the procedure and within two weeks the spots had faded! I was very pleased with the results and highly recommend the IPL.

- R.R.


My experience with the staff and with whom I call “My Personal Angel,” Dr. Kelly, has been terrific!

Having two procedures done at the same time was a very scary thing for me. I had been putting it off for years until I finally decided to go for it and get both procedures done at the same time so I can get it over with.

Adriana who is Dr. Kelly assistant, Ligia who is the patient coordinator, and just everyone in the office staff made me feel comfortable, confident and were always very caring.

“My Personal Angel?” Well, words cannot express the way he made me feel. From my first encounter with Dr. Kelly at my consultation I knew I had found the perfect surgeon. He was very attentive to my concerns, answered all my questions and even answered some question I may not have even thought of.

The day of my surgery, he was there next to me as they were preparing me for surgery. He never left my sight, talking to me and making me feel at ease. He personally called me that evening to see how I was feeling and to answer any questions I may have had. That really blew me away! It’s normally a nurse from the doctor’s office who calls, not the Doctor; but he did!

Through the follow up visits he has remained the same caring, warm individual I met in my consultation and I have never regretted getting my procedures done at Miami Plastic Surgery®. Having a surgeon like Dr. Kelly has given me the courage to even look into having some other things done in the future. Of course with “My Personal Angel” by my side.

I recommend Miami Plastic Surgery® and their staff 100%. And, Dr. Kelly…well he is my God Sent Angel who I’m willing to share with you.

- M. O-D.

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