Dr. Wolf and everyone in his office are very professional and they make you feel like family

I had a cheek and neck lift done by Dr. Wolf and I could not be any happier. The second that I met Dr. Wolf, and spoke to him, I knew that he was the right doctor for me. He answered all of my questions, and took the time to explain the procedure step by step including what to expect following surgery. He has so much knowledge and experience in plastic surgery, and made sure that I fully understood the entire process and what exactly to expect before, during, and after. I booked my surgery at my first consultation, and come surgery day I felt completely at ease in his surgical hands.

I experienced very little pain following my surgery and the results look so natural.  When I ask my close friends if they notice a difference on my face, all they can say is how refreshed I look.  My neck used to bother me the most, as it aged me. I am a woman who works out every day and I consider myself to look younger than most women my age, but my neck was very loose and seemed to sag quite a bit. Now, it looks amazing, and I could not be any happier! Dr. Wolf and everyone in his office are very professional and they make you feel like family, especially Dr. Wolf.


I am A LOT more confident now about my appearance after choosing Dr. Wolf as my surgeon

I am A LOT more confident now about my appearance after choosing Dr. Wolf as my surgeon.  I am a very nervous person when it comes to change in general, choosing a surgeon o fix my nose was undoubtedly one of the bigger decisions of change I would ever have to make. I never thought my nose was hideous, but I often found myself hiding from cameras because there was something about my nose that didn’t look feminine.

From the moment I met Dr. Wolf he made me feel at ease, as though I were a part of his family.  When it came time to choose my surgeon, it was a no brainer, Dr. Wolf was the only way to go! He had taken the time and care to answer every single question I had come up with and reassured me of exactly what to expect on surgery day and what would follow.  I was scared of the change, but after my surgery I still looked like myself, just a whole lot prettier, it was exactly what Dr. Wolf had promised.  No one noticed the difference in my nose, but they did see me prettier, which is exactly what I wanted!!

I love my new nose, it’s much softer and more feminine than before, and extremely subtle at the same time. Dr. Wolf not only gave me exactly what he promised, but made me feel at ease from the moment I met him.


My results are exactly what I expected

There is a great deal of trust that a patient needs in his/her doctor, and Dr. Wolf earned my trust within the first minute of meeting him. Dr. Wolf was extremely honest when discussing his thoughts about the size and shape of nose he thought would best to fit my face. His vision of keeping my look natural as opposed to more made-up is truly what sets him apart from the rest.

The amount of warmth, compassion, respect, and attention he showed me throughout my consultations, operation, and follow-ups was unfaltering and genuine. He treated me like family instead of a number or paycheck.

Additionally, all of his staff were incredible. Everyone made me feel welcomed and comfortable which made the office environment much more familiar and calming. Dr. Wolf’s Patient Care Coordinator, Ellen Frank, was truly exceptional. A doctor is only as good as the assistance and support he receives from his staff, and Ellen has, by far, proven this true. She was another reason why I stayed with Dr. Wolf.

The amount of joy, confidence, and freedom I now feel makes me forever grateful for him.  My results are exactly what I expected, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new and improved look.


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